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Nov 26, 2015
As some of you may have seen on Twitter we are in the early stages of planning a display for the Liverpool cup tie. The scale of what we can do really depends on the amount of funds we can raise in a relatively short space of time to get the ball rolling with enough time to complete.

So, we are reaching out to you, the kind people of Exeweb to hopefully help our ideas come to life!

Here is a link to our Paypal and any donations will be extremely appreciated.



So the display is well underway, we are still very appreciative of anything you can donate so please if you can, do so.

We have added some picture of the size of the fabric things like that to this post and also our facebook page.

We have a large banner and a large display to cover a lot of the big bank and we will request you hold it above your heads for a couple of minutes.

We also want to add as much colour as we can across the whole of the ground.

Red Streamers - We will be buying some however we would also like that if you can, you order a pack and then pass them around near you, if you've never thrown one before, its actually quite fun! On top of that, if we can get lots of them and everyone to throw them at roughly the same time, it will look incredible alongside our display.

Here is the link we recommend purchasing them from, however there are others -

Red Balloons - get some balloons from local stores or online, whichever you see best. Pass them around and we will add even more colour.

We're near completion of the display, funds are starting to run a little low, anything donated has gone on fabrics and paints etc we've not taken anything out of it for ourselves, so rest assured it's all being put to good use!


Red Legion
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Feb 23, 2011
Strongly recommend chipping in if you can, even if its just a couple of quid, every penny will be going into adding colour and atmosphere. The plans weve been working on are absolutely amazing and will set the tone for the game.

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Apr 4, 2004
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I've got some red and a some white fabric in my shop you can have if you are making some more banners etc. Can supply a load of red/white/black fabric at Cost too if needed.
Just an Idea. Eric the massive red and white flag we have. I made the thing in about 1993. It is in a Very bad way now with many holes and it is in a bag somewhere probably getting age related decomposition.It would probably be far easier to remake the thing than try and repair it, if it could be repaired? . Could we recycle Eric into many bits and fill the Bank with many 'Sons of Eric'?. I think I sewed up 5 red stripes and 5 white that were 5 feet wide each of 10 metres long each. If the good bits were to be used then we have a very big mass of fabric and in stripes too that could be utilised by avoiding the rips, holes and mould? Not seen it for a while, what are peoples thoughts?