Summer Transfer Thread


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Apr 6, 2004
I’m not even going there. Everything the trust does is completely right we all know that. Pat your selves on the back an and tell your selves how great you are. Been hearing it for 20 years.
Firstly, I have no involvement with the Trust besides being a member, along with 3,000-plus others. Secondly, I think it’s far from perfect but don’t see an obvious alternative. I thought that perhaps you could suggest one but, on reflection, it’s plain that you have diddly squat to add to the debate besides this kinda unsubstantiated bollox.

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Apr 18, 2021
To me that was an absolutely disastrous transfer deadline day !! Unless there is an out of contract "marvel" out there (then why is he out of contract) I still say that we are seriously risking our League 1 future 6 league games into the season.

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Feb 12, 2009
Having read the article in Devon Live I think that the miserabilists have over focused on the ambitious manager quote. I think KMT is over 100% behind the club, accepts what it is and wants to do what's best for the club within the constraints of the trust model. Obviously he has been let down by others along the way, but it is a learning curve for everyone even KMT

The actual deals he has done are good ones, Jamal is a very good signing and will prove invaluable in the months ahead, Harper, a championship player Ipswich paid half a million for 12 months ago and has age group international experience , Smith top scorer in a struggling league two side last year and at 6'5" what we have been missing up front and Kegs who is an unknown but from a premiership academy and not costing us anything. Even the loaning out of Josh C after tying him down to another twelve months to get some game time makes sense. Devon Live mention there might be one other and if it is who we all hope then in some aspects his patience for quality will have been rewarded.

Again the loss of Alfie Pond to me is similar to the loss of Jay Stansfield and Ben Chrisene, with them never really featuring for the first team and are now a potential source of future income, and we have got a lump sum up front and hopefully add ons which may or may not count for anything as the years progress. He was going to go at the end of the year anyway as an Agent had caught his ear. We move on and hopefully will reap the rewards.

Whilst the transfer window is now shut (pending hopefully some news this morning) there are still players out of contract, of all abilities, who because of their situation would not have been the focus of clubs wishing to make deals before the close and with the Ampadu and Pond deals we have some brass in pocket. Hopefully like Jamal there will be some that may look to use us to relaunch their careers but we are now entering a different market place where as time rolls on we shall have the upperhand.

As it stands I would like to see another three signings in, a forward, a LWB and a more creative type midfielder who can spread the ball across the pitch time will tell