The Official Exeter City versus Accrington Stanley 'who are they?' Matchday Thread


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Dec 30, 2015
Well done lads,couldn’t go today because of family illness,but that is a really good result after last saturdays loss at Cheltenham,so well done all UTC !

Grecian Max

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May 6, 2005
Cracking result, and in truth a lot of football going forward today wasn't much different to last week. The BedWetters® went way OTT in their assessments in what was generally a good performance that got knocked sideways by some unfortunate moments. Today it flowed and went for us, and crucially we got that opening goal.

Key was super effective today and probably the best performance of the season - this is how I like to see him play, driving into the box and actually releasing the ball across the box. Deserved his goal.

Kev was brilliant as always and we really do need to get him pinned down on a contract. Mitchell is class and a live wire.

Really pleased to see Stanno get his Big Bank goal, his link up play with Key and later on Scott was fantastic. Also thought Scott began to show what he's about today, was involved a lot in 20 mins and makes for a good Nombe understudy, who was a bit off the boil today I felt.

Comfortable, classy and great football. I still have no idea what people are watching to make them doubt GC's vision so much - to me we play some really good stuff and are being coached well. I know his face doesn't fit but he's doing a good job.

Cowshed Grecian

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Mar 9, 2022
The thing is…I’ve always believed this…we are even better than we could if been this season. UTC