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The Politics Thread USA Edition


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Jun 5, 2005
You never fail to disappoint, lolz
In fairness, I work with a lot of people for whom that would be good news, if indeed the decreased latency is passed on to the end user (far from guaranteed). For most people there will be no noticeable difference. Overall it's not good news for me though, as it doesn't address my fundamental worries caused by Musk's takeover.

What you fail to understand is, I genuinely don't care whether Musk himself does well or not. I'm indifferent to him. But I do care very much about twitter, for reasons I've mentioned. If he can make it "better" (whatever that means) then fantastic. If it stays the same, great. But nothing he's done so far suggest that's going to happen. The finances just don't add up at present, and none of his carefully selected triumphs change that. Their outgoings are way up and income is way down. Plus Tesla stock (on which Musk's wealth is largely based) is dropping like a stone. Something has to give, and it will probably be twitter.

So please, I'm begging you, give me some actual good news because I really want Musk to make a success of twitter.