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Gary Caldwell Apraisal


Active member
Apr 10, 2004
Very well done to GC and his colleagues for their determination, resilience and hard work.
I like to think I played my part in this though.
A bit like a parent or a carer of a child who rarely raises their voice but on the rare and unusual occasion they do it invariably and immediately has the desired effect.
You’re welcome.
But did you start a matchday thread? They are the true heroes.

Grecian Max

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May 6, 2005
I lasted up to the Port Vale game on the 9th Dec. I had even outlasted my two sons in sticking with Gary but the loss to Vale was for me the last chance saloon for GC, and I felt awful in hindsight joining in the Caldwell Out chants. I fell out of love totally with City at that point and didnt return until the new year game with Reading. I should have known better having watched a whole heap of utter garbage for 40 years but we have been spoilt in recent years. I'm now 100 per cent backing Gary and wont be flip flopping no more. So looking forward to next season and those pre season games at Tivvy and the like can't come soon enough :)
Indeed, it's the definition of proving himself


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Apr 26, 2004
My personal appraisal:

Hitting season objectives: 10/10
An enjoyable league cup run and finishing (probably) top half of the table in the league was WAY beyond my expectations for the season. A resounding success.

Manager personality and conduct: 10/10
As I've said before, even when GC was getting loads of stick from me and others, we rarely had a negative word to say about GC's conduct. He carried himself with immense dignity during that dreadful run, never saying anything stupid in post match interviews or doing anything to provoke a volatile fanbase. He clearly 'gets' the club and he visibly bloody loves it when we're doing well. And I love that. The only think I still think he got wrong was handing captaincy to Aimson from Sweenz so early on. Didn't do Aimson any favours at all. That said, the team clearly buy into his personality - they must do to have stuck together during the 100 day drought and come out the other side stronger.

Style of football: 7/10
This would have been 5/10 just a few weeks ago. During our 100 day win-drought, watching us was one of the most frustrating experiences I can remember since the Trust took over. Boring, ineffective and lacking in any personality of performance. However....his method is starting to bear fruit. The last few weeks have been great and I'm starting to come around to our slick passing game. I think it absolutely relies in having an attacking threat with enough personality to occasionally break out of 'keep ball mode' - Harris has provided that in spades and we need to keep/replace him effectively next season. If we do, we could be a really fantastic team to watch next year.

Recruitment 8/10
I still have concerns about our short-termist approach to squad building, but everyone on here tells me that's just the way of it these days. Maybe you're all right.
On the whole, GC's recruited some permanent crackers (Ali, Cole, Aimson, Mitchell, Jules etc etc) and almost all of our loanees have been spot on. The way we recruit though means he's going to have to get it right every single summer. Here's hoping.

Overall, it's a 9/10 from me. And I absolutely wanted him sacked before Christmas. Well done GC.