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Very well known Exeweb poster
May 5, 2009
Avoiding the Hundred
Thank you for all your hard work Al you must havew been squirrelling away all year.

Happy with my haul, had a very disrupted season with a trip to Southampton, The West End, Croyden and cambridge. Not to bad in itself but I left my Mobile in a taxi in Southampton which hindered me somewhat! Still dont have it back! Add to that the fact that I deveoped the worse flu I have ever had and had to rush home.

Still got it, Xmas cancelled (or postponed), things can only get better> D Ream >Brian Cox >Sonny Cox
Apologies for the delayed response.

Yes a fair bit of squirrelling with my trusty dossier close to hand. Beats cottaging :eek: A fair few questions crafted as we went along in the light of incorrect offerings. Sadly I failed to paste up the STURTZ question that was in the locker :(

Sorry that you were not fit for the full battle and hope you are better now. Felt sure you would be there or thereabouts at the end of the Quiz after such a strong run last year with the fiendish Spoonz in the hot seat.

Get yourself fit for 1 December 2023 so we can give fred a hard time :)